Five great tips to stick to your playcation budget

Five great tips to stick to your gaming budget

You’ve decided to take a little Playcation at your local OLG Slots and Casinos location. Now you know you can’t win every time you gamble, but you love the atmosphere and the excitement of the gaming floor. It’s hard not to. So, how do you have fun and stick to your Playcation budget? Here are 5 helpful tips:


TIP #1: Set a spending limit
Set a spending limit

The first step to staying in control is simple: make a budget and stick to it. Only bring the amount of money you’re comfortable spending and if you find yourself standing in front of the ATM, stop and ask yourself, “Have I spent more than I planned… more than perhaps I can afford?” If the honest answer is “yes”, or even “maybe”, then it’s time to call an end to this particular visit.
TIP #2: Set a time limit
Set a time limit

If sticking to your budget is the best way to ensure you don’t over-spend, then the second best way to keep your spending in check is to know when you want to go home. Having a set time to leave the floor helps keep you from losing track of time – as well as how much you’re spending. Of course, one great way to do this is to make other plans with friends or family away from the casino.

TIP #3: Take a break!
Take a break!

It’s amazing how walking away from the floor for 5 or 10 minutes can give you some perspective. So whether you’re up or you’re down, take breaks on a regular basis. Go grab a bite or just get some fresh air. If you’re with friends, take them along for a walk and make plans for your next Playcation, whatever lets you wind down after the exhilaration of playing.

TIP #4: Find the right balance
Find the right balance

We all acknowledge that taking a Playcation at the casino can be exhilarating – the sights, the sounds – there is something very exciting about being on the floor. That’s why we call it a Playcation, but it shouldn’t be the only thing you do on a regular basis. Mix it up. Go to the movies, plan a hike, host a barbeque. Find a balance of social activities that can help you resist the temptation of playing more than you should.

TIP #5: Get support
Get support

Gaming should be all about having fun. If you have even the smallest feeling that you might need help, don’t wait, get support right away. So, no matter what triggers that feeling – losing more money than you can afford, spending more time than feels right, thinking of playing when you should be thinking of something else, like work for example – reach out and speak to a professional.

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