How To Play Slots - OLG Slots and Casino - 2016

How To Play Slots


  • Slot machines range from 1¢ to $10 and come in a wide assortment of games*.
  • Interactive lights and ringing bells will indicate when a jackpot is hit.
  • All outcomes are unpredictable and are not related to past play. Chances of winning are not influenced by how long you play, the machine you choose, the last time the machine paid out or the time of day you play.


  • Read the display for betting instructions.
  • Insert a bill or ticket into the bill validator to obtain machine credits.
  • Bet One Button: Push this button once to bet 1 credit, twice to bet 2 credits, etc.
  • Bet Max Button: Push this button to bet the M maximum amount for the machine.
  • Spin Button/Handle: Use either of these to spin the reels.
  • Cash/Credit button: Push this button to cash out winnings on your machine. This includes credits from winnings or from C bills inserted into the validator.
  • Change/Service: This button lights the candle, alerting the slot attendant that assistance is needed.

* Selection of machine denominations and games varies by location.


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