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OLG CASINO BRANTFORD JACKPOT ALERT: Please note that while our Bad Beat continues to rise, we will be reserving the right to limit tournament seats available for each event.

Contact our Poker Room at 519-757-3306 for a status update on each event. Thank you for your patronage and good luck!

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For the most up to date Bad Beat Jackpot prize pool, please call the Brantford Poker room at 519-757-3306.

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What's Going On

Wed 25
Thu 26

POKER: $200 Super Bounty Tournament at Brantford

October 26
Brantford 40 Icomm Drive Brantford
Nov 06

POKER: $80 Ladies Tournament at Brantford

November 6
Brantford 40 Icomm Drive Brantford