So what exactly is a Playcation?



You’ve heard of a staycation, but how about a “Playcation”?

Ever wonder who first coined the term “staycation”? Well, according to a Connecticut travel blog and the Internet Movie Database (IMDB), the term staycation was used in an episode of a certain highly-popular Canadian sitcom about a quirky local gas station located in the wilds of Saskatchewan. While the television show first aired in October 2005, it was in the summer of 2008 when the term really gained traction.

That summer, as gas prices shot up, and with them, the cost to travel, people started spending their vacation time close to home taking “staycations”. Ever since, all sorts of hybrid words based on “vacations close to home” have popped up. There are “holistays” and “daycations” and “nearstays”… and now another one is on the scene: “Playcation.”

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So what is a Playcation and what makes it different?

Well, a Playcation is like a staycation but with more emphasis on fun – a lot more fun.

It’s about doing something exciting and
spontaneous while staying close to home.
It’s about getting away without going away.

So, while a staycation might mean dinner and a movie, a Playcation could be a night out surrounded by all the dazzling sights and sounds and games of a casino close to home. When you think about it, Playcation really is the perfect term to describe a visit to your local OLG Slots and Casinos.

So dial up the fun and take a Playcation. You can browse around the rest of the website to discover all the fun and excitement waiting for you at your local slots or casino location.

Start Your Playcation

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